Mount Coolon Gold Project (QLD)

Project area: 1,898 km² (plus applications of 2,191km²)

Commodity: Epithermal Gold-Silver

Resources:  330,500 ounces of gold

Interest: 100%

Yandan Gold Project (QLD)

Project area: 75 km²

Commodity: Epithermal Gold-Silver

Resource: 521,000 ounces of gold

Interest: 100%

Malmsbury Gold Project (Vic)

Project area: 7 km²

Commodity: Intrusive Related Gold

Resources:  104,000 ounces of gold

Interest: 50% (Novo Resources Corp 50% and further exploration earn in)

White Dam Gold – Copper HL Operation (SA)

Project area: 489 km²

Commodity: Iron Oxide Copper Gold

Interest: Earning initial 50% with option to go 100%

Mount Morgan Gold Copper Project (QLD)

Project area: 1,017 km²

Commodity: Gold and Copper-Gold Porphyry, VMS

Interest: 100%

Nippon Mining of Australia Pty. Ltd – IOCG Joint Venture (QLD)

Project area: 680 km²

Commodity:  Iron Oxide Copper Gold

Interest : 46.21% (as at 30 September 2020)

Mayfield Copper Gold (QLD)

Project area: 91 km²

Commodity :  Iron Oxide Copper Gold

Interest: 100%

Brightlands and Milo IOCG and TREEYO Projects (QLD)

Project area: 65 km²

Commodity: Defined Cu-U-Mo-REE-P

Resource: Containing 108,000 t TREEYO, 97,000t Cu 14 M lbs U3O8

Interest: 100%